Fleet Management

Common Fleet Management Challenges

  • Relying on spreadsheets to manage your fleet
  • exposure to HMRC investigation
  • Fragmented fleet data sources
  • Not actively monitoring fuel consumption
  • Ineffective licence checking procedures
  • Failure to recognise high risk drivers

We understand fleet manager's operational financial and legal compliance issues, and our team takes great pride in delivering exceptional solutions for complete peace of mind.

The online software is flexible and scalable. You are supported by a management system that responds to your changing fleet requirements.

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The FleetCheck Solution

The fleet softare is offered with a choice of modules, giving you a mangement system to suit your unique fleet needs.

The secure, cloud-based solution empowers you to access the information you need at any time, from anywhere. Because the software is live, you'll always view the most up to date version and therefore the most accurate information.

FleetCheck's revolutionary 'traffic light' alerts provide you with an easy to understand overview of your upcoming events, with over 50 inbuilt alert types and the ability to add your own custom combinations.

Need an integrated, centralised fleet database?

Whether you run 5, 50 or 500 vehicles the software empowers you to link and analyse a multitude of data sources. Our intuitive data platform allows you to connect and process data from any of your chosen suppliers, with over 350 reports at your disposal for ad hoc or scheduled delivery.

By linking your data sources within a system that fully understands the context of that data, you can be sure of the most accurate, relevant and insightful reporting.

  • More than 200 third-party data streams handled.
  • A comprehensive array of import/export types.
  • Custom importing, seamless integration.
  • Extensive prebuilt reports.
  • Flexible reporting types and delivery routines.
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Want a better insight into your fleet costs?

Intelligent fuel management tools give you complete visibility of fuel transactions and accumulated costs. With automated integration to any commercial fuelcard or electronic fuel management system, FleetCheck provides a truly comprehensive view of your fleet's operating efficiencies, including MPG, Co2 emissions and your environmental impact.

  • Automatic allocation of fuel against vehicle or driver for accurate costing.
  • Exception reporting for easy identification of problem vehicles/drivers.
  • A reliable 'heads-up', for prompt action and easy resolution of potential fuel theft.
  • Tools to help reduce your HMRC liability on fuel expenditure.

Repairs and maintenance are a major expense for any fleet operation. FleetCheck offers an extensive range of maintenance management solutions, all designed to help you plan and administer an efficient, compliant programme of fleet maintenance whilst staying firmly in control of your costs.

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